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Honoring GCS Alumni and Remembering Two Special Young Men

Groton Community School is proud to sponsor two annual scholarships, which are awarded to graduating high school seniors who attended Groton Community School.  We are very happy to honor our school alumni, and also to acknowledge two special young men who are near and dear to our school.  Each had a profound impact on the school in very different stages of their lives.

The Groton Community School Scholarship in Memory of Taylor Benjamin Young

Taylor Benjamin Young was a beloved and treasured Groton Community School student who lost his life at the tender age of four. Taylor was a sweet, sincere, and happy little boy who brightened each and every day at Groton Community School and Camp Kaleidoscope. We will miss his warm smile, his kind and caring nature, and his curiosity and enthusiasm for school. It was remarkable how someone as young as Taylor understood and embodied principles that we hold dear at Groton Community School so well: our school’s dedication to “peace” and “bucket filling” (thoughtful words and deeds).

All of our GCS students will always be in our hearts.  And we are especially happy to honor Taylor’s memory and acknowledge a very special past GCS student who shares our commitment to being kind and caring to others, as well as being curious about learning and enthusiastic about education.

View our GCS Scholarship in Memory of Taylor Benjamin Young

The Groton Community School Scholarship in Memory of Christopher Barton

Christopher was a brilliant young man from Groton, with a passion for his work as a research assistant at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston at the Channing Laboratory on cancer research.  His interest and achievements in scientific inquiry and math were highlighted through his degree from UMass Lowell summa cum laude in molecular biology with a minor in analytical chemistry and applied mathematics.  It is no surprise that a biologist would have a natural love of nature and the ocean in particular.  Christopher especially enjoyed time spent on the beaches of Long Island, Maine, walking around Boston, and in Newburyport.  His love of learning made him an inspired substitute teacher and tutor.  His generosity of spirit through his meaningful work at the hospital and desire to help others enriched countless lives.  Christopher loved exercise, music, coffee, and being with friends and family.

We are extremely grateful to Christopher’s father, Daniel Barton, for his vision and inspiration in paving the way for the future of early education and Groton Community School, as our Board of Trustees President.  His leadership, insight, and creativity have been instrumental in our Forward Motion Project to expand our school, and his extraordinary kindness, dedication, and commitment to GCS are deeply appreciated.   In honoring Christopher, we would also like to honor his mother, Alisa Barton, for her hard work and devotion to shaping the future of children as a Teacher in Groton.  Christopher and Alisa found joy in their time spent working together in the Groton Dunstable Regional School District.

We are delighted to award a Groton Community School Scholarship in Memory of Christopher Barton to an alumnus/alumna with a passion for STEM related pursuits, a strong work ethic, and the desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

View our GCS Scholarship in Memory of Christopher Barton


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