About Us

Groton Community School
“a sense of belonging”

Groton Community School is a nationally accredited, non-profit early childhood center.  We are committed to interacting with each child as a unique individual and dedicated to giving each child and his/her family the most positive first school experience.   We strive to be a “community” school in every sense of the word, welcoming and embracing the community.  We are a place for children and families to feel a sense of belonging, and to learn and grow together.


A warm welcome from the Administrators, Board of Directors, and Teaching Staff at Groton Community School! We have been serving the needs of families and children since 1945, and can trace our roots back to the 1920s. Today, we continue to provide a nurturing, safe, and creative environment for young children and families, through our dedicated staff, rich curriculum, and appreciation of family and community involvement.  Groton Community School welcomes anyone in our community with a desire to participate, and we value a diversity of talents, abilities, and cultural perspectives in children and adults.

During the school year we offer programs for children in their toddler years through Kindergarten. We meet the various needs of our families, with half-day, full-day, and extended childcare possibilities. Groton Community School also offers a Summer Camp Program for children 3 through 7 years of age. These critical early childhood years are important for a child’s development and lay a foundation for growing into adulthood.  In all of our programs, we hope to enrich the lives of young children and families and help create happy memories of childhood and Groton Community School.  We are proud to offer a scholarship program for children and families who are considering enrollment and are in need of financial assistance.  Please remember us as your children grow beyond GCS. Refer us to your neighbors, and come visit to share a song, read a story, or plant some flowers with the children.

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We hope this online resource is a useful guide for our currently enrolled families, potential families, community members, and those interested in early childhood education. Continue to browse our website to get to know us at Groton Community School. We value your feedback, and are open to questions or suggestions you may have about providing the best possible first school experience for children and families!