Financial Assistance Scholarships

The Donna Petterssen Scholarship Program

Groton Community School is proud to offer the Donna Petterssen Scholarship Program to families.  The goal of this program is to help defray the costs of an early childhood education experience for families whose children, without this assistance, would not be able to participate.  It is our intent to assist as many families as our budget allows.  Please note that the scholarship amount is typically 20% – 30% of the cost of a half day program.  This fund is made possible by school fundraising efforts along with donations from the community.

The Scholarship application includes submission of financial information, including recent pay stubs, completed tax returns and all W-2 forms for the past year, complete bank statements for the last 3 months, and a monthly budget.

In return we hope that recipients will be able to contribute to our school by volunteering their time in some capacity.  Help with school-wide project and events is especially appreciated!

Families are invited to contact us in order to apply: