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Groton Community School took a significant step forward with the creation of a Board of Trustees. This governing body joined the long-established GCS Board of Direc­tors, expanding the pool of experts, community leaders, and friends to provide crucial support and insight for the school as it entered an exciting time of growth. They are invaluable in the Forward Motion expansion project, and in general to sustain the school into the future. The Board of Directors continues to support families, the day-to-day operations of the school, and high-quality educational experiences, while the team of trustees takes the longer view, focusing on the overall vision and financial strength of the school.

The Trustees are drawn from members of the wider GCS community who share the conviction that early childhood education is critical for growth and development, and chart the way forward as financial stewards. They bring broad and diverse experience and professional skills to guarantee that GCS will continue on a firm eco­nomic foundation, as it has in the past. While the Directors will help ensure that GCS is able to give each child a rich and fulfilling experience every day and support the high-quality professional staff, the Trustees guarantee this kind of education and care is always there for new children and their families.

The Board of Trustees is a resource that builds on the long history of prudent man­agement and financial strength at GCS. Their gover­nance is helping the school prepare for a building project and the capital campaign needed to pay for that work. With this expanded gov­ernance we make sure we can move forward in a thoughtful and effective way, building for the future.

Trustees meet as a board five times a year, and members serve on com­mittees dedicated to specific responsibilities. Committees include Finance, Development, Governance, and Strategic Planning.

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