Selecting a Program

Groton Community School serves families with children ages 2 years through Kindergarten during the school year, and ages 3 through 7 in our Camp Kaleidoscope Summer Program.  We have a number of flexible options to choose from, to meet the educational and childcare needs of our families.  All programs have exceptional teacher-child ratios that enable teachers to provide attention to individual children’s interests and needs. These ratios vary according to the ages of children and size of classrooms.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to consider their child’s past and present preschool or daycare experience, his or her developmental level, suggestions from their current teachers, and their own scheduling needs for childcare.  Other factors in making a decision involve your child’s personality and temperament.  For example, a child may benefit from greater consistency in a three-day, as opposed to a two-day, schedule, while another may need to gradually ease into a two-day routine.  Your family can take into account the extracurricular activities in which your child participates.  A three-day preschool program combined with outside activities may be just as challenging and stimulating for your child as a five-day class.

Half-Day and Full-Day Options

Groton Community School offers both Half-Day and Full-Day options for families to choose from.  Children in our Half-Day programs may also participate in the Extended Day Program to extend their day at school before or after class. Children in the Full-Day Program and Afternoon Extended Day Program at Noon bring their lunch from home.

We do our best to meet the placement requests of families during enrollment for the upcoming school year.  There are occasions where the demand for a particular program or class time can exceed the number of available spaces for children in the class.  In most situations, if families are flexible, we can meet their child’s needs with an alternative schedule or program at the school.

Balanced and Exciting Learning Opportunities for Every Age

We strive to balance classes with regard to gender and age.  We believe in the benefits of mixed-age groupings, and each class may contain children whose ages can range about a year apart.  The curriculum for each program is designed to be developmentally appropriate for the ages and individual needs of the children within each class.  Each program provides balanced, exciting, and abundant opportunities for the social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive development of the whole child as they grow and learn in all of these developmental areas.  The educational benefits of morning and afternoon programs are equally positive and consistent in what they offer.  All classes enjoy Creative Movement Sessions, reap the benefit of our Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Development Consultants, and participate in the Handwriting Without Tears® Program. The Kindergarten Class also participates in formal French Language instruction.

Please do not hesitate to ask further questions regarding the various program options that we offer, so you can find a program that best meets the needs of your child and family.

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