National Accreditation

The Highest Quality Early Childhood Experiences

In May 1993, Groton Community School was first awarded accreditation by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs within the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). NAEYC recognizes early childhood programs that meet the highest professional standards for quality and excellence in creating engaging classrooms, enhancing relationships with families, and developing rich experiences for children. The accreditation process requires parent and staff evaluation of our program and an onsite study and review by a national commission. Groton Community School is proud to be one of a select group of children’s centers in the country to achieve national accreditation.

naeycIn the years since NAEYC Accreditation was established in 1985, it has become a widely recognized sign of high-quality early childhood education.  Almost 7,000 programs are currently accredited by NAEYC – approximately 8 percent of all preschools and other early childhood programs.  “It’s a lengthy and rigorous process to achieve NAEYC Accreditation, and Groton Community School should be commended for seeking high standards,” said Rhian Evans Allvin, executive director of NAEYC.  “Caring for children is not ‘rocket science’ – it’s brain science.  Studies prove that the brain connections made in the first few years of life set a child’s path for success in school and in life.  That’s why quality educators are so crucial.  For parents and caregivers of young children who are searching for a high-quality early learning experience, Groton Community School’s NAEYC accreditation is a sign that it offers a high-quality education in a nurturing and stimulating environment.”

NAEYC Accreditation requires an annual review and maintenance of ongoing center portfolios.  NAEYC-accredited programs are also subject to unannounced visits.  The accreditation process is repeated in full every five years.  We were very proud to again receive National Accreditation most recently in May 2019.