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Groton Community Children in 1950s
Groton Community Children in 1950s
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Groton Community School has had a long history, from its official beginning as Groton Community Kindergarten at First Parish Church in 1945 (with roots back to the 1920s!), to locations at Grotonwood and Prescott School in the 1970s, to our current site at 110 Boston Road in 1984, with a temporary stay on Lawrence Academy grounds and back again in January 2021. Throughout our 75+ years in the community, we have strived to make a positive first school experience for each child and their family, and have had an impact on thousands of children as they began their educational journey. In our interactions with the community, we often meet past parents and alumni with delightful stories to share about attending GCS. It is especially gratifying to have children – and grandchildren – of alumni now attending GCS themselves!

We want to celebrate this rich history and the memorable early childhood experiences of all our alumni throughout the years! Please consider joining our Groton Community School Alumni Network to share YOUR stories about GCS and to connect with classmates and families from long ago.  We will feature alumni stories, capturing their memories, and sharing news about them now…



Be sure to check out our GCS Scholarships page, too, where we celebrate graduating seniors who are GCS Alumni.  We are very proud of our all of our GCS Alumni and want to build our relationships with them!



Returning to School Roots

Groton Community School alumni frequently stop by to visit.  After all, GCS has a positive impact on children and families, and good things stick.  When an alum is a child who attended GCS the very first year in our current building, 1984 to be exact, that is very special.  That alumna is Michelle Ruby.

Michelle Ruby was four-years-old and a Yellow Roomer with Head Teacher Lindy Hanninen and Teacher Jennie Fitzkee.  In November of that year the Groton Herald newspaper photographed our newly constructed school.  Michelle is the child pictured to the far right.  Jennie is beside her, leaning over.

New Community Schoolhouse

Michelle and Jennie have been beside each other ever since.  Michelle became an Assistant Camp Counselor with Jennie at Groton Community School’s summer camp, Camp Kaleidoscope.  Together they conjured the phrase, “Mighty, Mighty” for their campers.  That phrase stuck, and to this day the older campers proudly belt out their mighty, mighty chant, be it as a Mustang, Cheetah, Stingray, or Dragon.  One camper who bonded with Michelle (a mighty, mighty Mustang) became the GCS recipient of the Groton Community School Scholarship in Memory of Taylor Benjamin Young in 2013.  Michelle made a difference!

Two Peas in a PodHere are Michelle and Jennie, randomly wearing the same clothing at Camp Kaleidoscope in 1999.  Two peas in a pod?  Great minds think alike!

Today, Michelle has returned to her school roots.  She is an amazing Science Teacher at Lawrence Academy, and recently she visited the Aqua Room to do science experiments and read aloud with the children.  She taught them about winter habitats for animals.  We learned how animals keep warm in the snow.  Her skills at teaching and science had children enthusiastically engaged.

Snow Science

Children just love Michelle, and they are so eager to learn with her.  That is the highest compliment for a teacher.  Thank you, Michelle, for all you have done for Groton Community School!

Jennie Fitzkee, Aqua Room Head Teacher


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