Annual Fund

Together We’re Stronger!


This year, our school-wide theme is “Together We’re Stronger,” and the GCS community is coming together to support the completion of the Community Room—the centerpiece of our Forward Motion building expansion and renovation project.

The Community Room isn’t just a space; it’s where the magic will
happen! It will be a catalyst for holistic development and a canvas for boundless possibilities.

It will be the hub for large motor and creative arts activities, classroom celebrations, and school-wide gatherings and events—providing our children with an environment where they can explore, create, and thrive.

To turn this dream into a reality, this year’s annual fund will contribute to the completion of this space. One of the ways your generous gift will be put to use is to purchase essential equipment.

You can help to fill the Community Room with excitement and endless opportunities for GCS children to learn and grow.

Think of it like giving them a playground for their brains and bodies. From climbing and running, to creative games, to participation in creative arts activities, your support fuels their gross motor skills, creativity, and social smarts.

Here are just some of the ways your donation could help equip the Community Room:

A Climbing Wall – fosters physical strength, coordination, and
problem-solving skills.
Indoor Riding Toys, such as Plasma Cars – encourage active play and
motor skill development.
Mobile Balancing Beams – develop balance and spatial awareness.
Rocking Boards – promote core strength and stability.
Basketball Hoops and Balls – foster teamwork, coordination, and
healthy competition.
• Rocking Boats and Seesaws – encourage motor skills, social
interaction, and cooperation.
Tumbling Mats – ensure a safe space for play and exploration.
Scooter Boards – develop visual and motor skills.

Your contribution will create a lasting impact on the physical, social, and cognitive development of our young children. And, it will enrich our interactions as a school community.

Thank you for being an essential part of the GCS community. Together We’re Stronger…because of you!

Our Annual Fund Giving Clubs

  • 1930’s Circle* ($10,000+)
  • Leaders*  ($5,000+)
  • Partners*  ($2,500+)
  • Associates*  ($1,000+)
  • President’s Circle  ($500+)
  • Benefactors Circle  ($250+)
  • Red & Blue Circle  ($100+)
  • Friends Circle  (Up to $99)

*Gifts at this level are granted membership in our Adelaide Luca Giving Society.

Membership in our Annual Fund giving clubs is awarded annually based on an individual’s – or household’s – cumulative gifts during the fiscal year. (September 1 – August 31).  Corporate Matching Gifts are credited toward the donor’s membership in one of our prestigious gift societies.

Ways to Give

Donations are gratefully accepted by check, credit card, with a pledge, or through other planned giving options.

Please click Donate to give generously to Groton Community School!