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Play Is the Work of Childhood


“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning.  But for children, play is serious learning.  Play is really the work of childhood.”

– Fred Rogers


When Mr. Rogers shared this observation, young children were not living through a pandemic. However, his words resonate now more than ever as a reminder that young children learn to cope with the stressors of challenging times through play. Play helps children deal with the confusion, fear, or disappointment they feel and meet it with flexibility, kindness, generosity, creativity, and resiliency. With that in mind, this year’s Annual Fund will support the spaces where the invaluable “work of childhood” takes place.

With the school year well underway, classrooms do look different as we adhere to state requirements — including mask wearing, stringent cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and physical distancing.  However, the GCS focus on providing a nurturing and engaging environment for young learners is unchanged.

As we anticipate the move back to our GCS home at 110 Boston Road in late December, your gift to this year’s Annual Fund supports updates to the school’s one-of-a-kind outdoor Playscape, seamlessly integrating it with the new building, as well as outfitting the new outdoor dismissal area. As children invent games together during outdoor time, they further develop motor skills and coordination, as well as cognitive, social, and emotional skills needed for problem-solving and decision-making. Given the pandemic and all that young children are facing, your gift is especially significant this year.

By focusing on outdoor space as an extension of our classrooms, GCS affirms the essential role of outdoor play in providing growth and enrichment opportunities for our children. As importantly, as we head outdoors, we are promoting the health of our community by ensuring safe distancing and increased exposure to fresh air.

We hope you’ll support the GCS mission by making a gift to this year’s Annual Fund. Your gift will help our children continue to benefit from the normalcy of school routines and the “serious learning” of play.

Debbie MacDonald
Trustee & Development Committee Chair
Groton Community School

P.S. Your donation to this year’s Annual Fund will support the serious learning going on when our young children play! I hope you will take a moment to make your gift today.

Our Annual Fund Giving Clubs

  • 1930’s Circle* ($10,000+)
  • Leaders*  ($5,000+)
  • Partners*  ($2,500+)
  • Associates*  ($1,000+)
  • President’s Circle  ($500+)
  • Benefactors Circle  ($250+)
  • Red & Blue Circle  ($100+)
  • Friends Circle  (Up to $99)

*Gifts at this level are granted membership in our Adelaide Luca Giving Society.

Membership in our Annual Fund giving clubs is awarded annually based on an individual’s – or household’s – cumulative gifts during the fiscal year. (September 1 – August 31).  Corporate Matching Gifts are credited toward the donor’s membership in one of our prestigious gift societies.

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