Moving Forward – Phase One

Forward Motion Campaign

Phase One Construction has begun!


Thank you to all of our generous contributors for making this amazing progress possible!  Please click to learn more and help us fully accomplish Phase One and Phase Two of our Forward Motion Project.  

Watch our progress on a regular basis as we undergo construction at our 110 Boston Road site!

It is exciting to announce that Groton Community School has been placed in the capable and talented hands of General Contractor RP Masiello, to accomplish the beautiful architectural  plans and detailed design of Maugel Architects to expand our school.   After a September Kick Off meeting with important parties representing GCS Administration, Trustees, Board of Directors, Maugel Architects and RP Masiello, demolition has now begun!

John Amaral. Emily Crouse, Linda Kosinski, Dan Barton, and Dave Henderson

Emily Crouse, Linda Kosinski, Dan Barton, Lisa Stafford, and Dave Henderson

Project Manager, GCS Director, and Site Supervisor, Dan Kosewski

September 25, 2019


It is such an exciting time for Groton Community School, as we begin demolition at our 110 Boston Road site.   We are filled with hope and enthusiasm for what our future holds!


October 1, 2019


We must admit, we had to gulp a bit, seeing the progress made at 110…  Our 2018-2019 school theme of “Embracing Change” will certainly be helpful as we undergo this huge transition for Groton Community School!

October 3, 2019


While we still recognize familiar elements, it is clear that GCS is certainly in the midst of Forward Motion!

October 23, 2019


Here is a little peek at the activity occurring on site to make GCS the best that it can be!

November 6, 2019


Now the process begins to build GCS back up again, bigger and better than ever!

November 20, 2019


We have an incredible team working together for the Forward Motion Projectincluding Maugel Architects, RP Masiello, GCS Trustees and Administration.  Today’s construction meeting was attended by several Trustees with long ties to Groton Community School.  We took some time to reflect on the past, as well as our promising future, together!

Peter Myette, Linda Kosinski, Debbie MacDonald, and John Amaral

December 4, 2019


Exterior work continues despite wintry conditions, finishing groundwork and pouring the foundation for our new, much expanded, Groton Community School footprint!

Here is an excerpt from our latest Insider Update from John Amaral, President of the GCS Board of Trustees:

“The construction phase of the Forward Motion project is underway! The construction permit has been issued. We meet every other week with the GC project manager and site supervisor, architects and representatives of GCS to review work completed to date and the project schedule. Demolition of the interior of the existing building is complete with only the shell remaining. Site work is progressing, as evidenced by the large mounds of material on the site. Footings for the foundation will soon be poured. Over the next few weeks, framing of the interior of the existing building will take place and we will start to see the new building come up out of the ground.”

December 18, 2019


With winter now upon us, before it officially begins, the big push is on to finish foundation work to keep ahead of the frost!

January 8, 2020


We are so lucky to have an incredible team with Maugel Architects, RP Masiello Inc, GCS Trustees and GCS Trustee, Board of Directors, and Admin representatives.  A special shout out to our Board of Directors Building and Grounds Chair, Emily Crouse, for providing her extensive expertise and energy to our Forward Motion Project to expand and renovate our school!

GCS Building and Grounds Chair, Emily Crouse

Site for bi-weekly construction meetings with Project Manager, Site Supervisor, Architects, and GCS representatives.

A post meeting moment

January 22, 2020


The variable temperatures are impacting our construction project.  Heating devices, and ironically snow, can serve as blankets to keep the frost at bay for foundation work.  We are still waiting for ideal conditions to pour final slabs.  Lots of work is going on behind the scenes with submittals and finalizing design, however, and framing is scheduled to begin in February.

January 31, 2020


As soon as thickened slabs are finished, framing will begin.  The vertical construction progress is sure to generate lots of excitement in February!

Here is a sneak preview of our next Insider Update from Building and Grounds Co-Chair, Emily Crouse:

“Though winter has arrived, slowing visible Forward Motion construction progress some, our contractor has adjusted and finished pouring all of the building footings by the end of last week. This means that over the course of the next month you will see new exterior wall framing and trusses, as well as steel going up. It’s going to be a busy site! Happening behind the scenes is much coordination with the town and utility companies so that when the spring thaw does come, we can hit the ground running.”

February 4, 2020


Today was an especially exciting day at the construction site, watching walls go up!  Thank you to GCS Friend, Karen Riggert, for taking excellent photos today, as well!


February 12, 2020


Thank you to Emily Crouse, GCS Building and Grounds Chair, for capturing an insider’s view of our project.  Things are really taking shape now!

February 27, 2020


Our Forward Motion Project is reaching new heights with new framing on either side of the building.  Having attic space will be sooooo wonderful!

March 4, 2020


RP Masiello, Inc and Maugel Architects are helping GCS to soar!

March 6, 2020


Thank you to Dan Kosewski, RP Masiello Site Supervisor, for updates on exciting steps in our construction project at 110 Boston Road!  Today, Dan texted these images, of concrete being poured for GCS floors.

March 12, 2020


steel verb: to fill with resolution or determination

Looking at Merriam Webster’s definition, we are filled with resolution and determination as our Forward Motion at Groton Community School makes great strides!  Here is a look at the steel construction of our Community Room shell.

Phase One of our Forward Motion Campaign will include beautiful new classrooms spaces,  a dedicated Children’s Library and Technology Center, a welcoming entrance and lobby, an administrative wing, meeting spaces for parents and teachers, and additional bathrooms for children and adults.  Phase Two will include finishing the Community Room, where the school, and our community, can gather for special events, and children can engage in large motor activities.

Please support Groton Community School’s Forward Motion Campaign, as we are still fundraising for Phase One, before we begin Phase Two!

March 12, 2020


At the end of our staff training Curriculum Day today, GCS Teachers took an onsite tour of the construction project at 110 Boston Road.  It so exciting to see our new home taking shape – in person – and to see our dreams become reality!  Looking forward to moving in for the 2020-2021 school year!



April 1, 2020


The irony – or poetry – of the moment was not lost, while taking photos today, just as the sun set on the construction site.  Here is a recap from GCS Building and Grounds Co-chair, Emily Crouse, from our upcoming Insider Update:

“A lot has been happening this past month!  The structural steel trusses were quite a sight as they were completed for the large Community Room at the north end of the expansion. Also, the footings and steel for our porte cochère at the main entrance were installed. This will provide much-needed cover during inclement weather at pick-up and for staff loading/unloading their vehicles. Inside, the mechanical and electrical subcontractors have begun their piping and power rough-ins, and ductwork fabrication began offsite. Site preparations have also begun for the utilities including: sewer, water, natural gas, and the Groton Electric Light Department has just installed our new power pole!

However, as of April 1st, Governor Baker adjusted his list of essential construction services that are allowed to continue, and our project does not qualify. Therefore we had to stop work on the site for the time being. Our general contractor has assured us they will still be able to receive scheduled deliveries and continue with other administrative duties such as material submittals and procurement, and plan review, so they are prepared to hit the ground running upon approval to recommence.”


110 Boston Road

April 14, 2020


With the COVID-19 crisis unfolding, we are wondering about and waiting for construction to resume, while also thinking about our community with care and concern.

Thank you to Karen Riggert for capturing these beautiful images on a project on hold for now…

Steel Work

May 18, 2020


With the Governor’s mandate for Phase 1 reopening on May 18th, our Forward Motion Project was up and running again!  We are filled with hope, not only for our expansion effort, but also that the number of cases is now declining in MA.  Thank you to Dave Henderson, Project Manager and Dan Kosewski, Site Supervisor, for keeping the site and workers health and safe!


June 3, 2020


Thank you to Dan Barton of Maugel Architects for a virtual lesson on architecture, and to Site Supervisor Dan Kosewski for a virtual tour of the construction site.  We are so grateful to you both for giving these soon-to-be GCS Graduates such a very special experience!


June 24, 2020


It was incredible to be back at 110 Boston Road for weekly meetings, after maintaining contact via Zoom the last several months!  After our meeting with RP Masiello, Maguel Architects, and GCS representatives, GCS Staff came for a socially distanced sneak peek at the progress of our dream school.

July 1, 2020


Highlights of today’s meeting and visit were admiring the walls, roofing, and windows underway, as well as the soaring ceiling in our new lobby!


Forward Motion Campaign
Forward Motion

While construction is underway, we have moved to a new, temporary home at 14 Main Street, Groton!

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