Forward Motion Campaign

Forward Motion Campaign


watering gardenFor more than seven decades, Groton Community School has welcomed and served young children and their families from Groton and surrounding communities. From its founding, the school’s mission has been to provide the most positive first school experience for children and their families. At the same time, our dedicated teachers are committed to instilling in our children the values of kindness and caring for others, community awareness, and good citizenship.

For a while, a familiar quote assured us that everything we needed to know we had learned in kindergarten. But the truth of the matter is that the basic building blocks of a vibrant, caring and engaged person begin forming before the tender age of two. Groton Community School has made a profound difference in the lives of children from their toddler and preschool years, to kindergarten, and beyond.

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The future of our community will be stronger and brighter if we continue to offer children a preeminent Early Childhood Education experience steeped in our fundamental values. To achieve this, we imagine improving our learning and teaching spaces in the following ways:

Enlarge our Classrooms to include enhanced activity centers and creative display areas More»

Care for our teachers and staff by creating Staff Spaces More»

Build a bright and spacious multi-purpose Community Room More»

Design a dedicated Library, Technology and Resource Center More»

Create a Program Center where families are warmly welcomed More»

Ensure Sustainability in our thinking and building practices More»


On your mark, get set, GROW!!

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Linda Kosinski, Director
Groton Community School
110 Boston Road, Groton, MA 01450

“The Forward Motion Campaign secures the long-term health of our school and the community it serves by ensuring the financial strength and sustainability of our programs, staff, and facilities.”   …Linda Kosinski, Director

Steering Committee Members

Kathleen Barron, Daniel Barton, Christine Cline, John Conner, Jennifer Greenwood, Thomas Horsman, Betsy Kehoe, Linda Kosinski, Stephen Lane, Beth Lindstrom, Deborah MacDonald, Terri Martin, Chuck McKinney, Andrew Merritt, Robinson Moore, David Moulton, Deborah Penney, Lisa Stafford, Steve Webber, and Jolene Zukauskas

Forward Motion
Forward Motion Campaign

The Campaign for Groton Community School

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