Forward Motion Kickoff Event

The public phase of Groton Community School’s first ever capital campaign is now underway! First founded in 1945, the school’s mission is to interact with each child as an individual and provide the most positive first school experience for children and their families.  In a celebration of both the history and future of GCS, 150 guests were welcomed at a Kickoff Celebration Event held at the Barn at Gibbet Hill.  This exciting and inspiring evening was made possible due to the generosity of the Webber Family and GCS Trustees, and was attended by Campaign Donors, Trustees, and former and current Board and Staff members.

The evening’s speakers included GCS Trustees Steve Lane and Rob Moore serving as emcees, and John Amaral, President of the GCS Board of Trustees.  John expressed gratitude for support of the Forward Motion Project: “We are encouraged by the progress made toward the fundraising goal so far, with $2.2 million raised to date.”  GCS Director Linda Kosinski brought her perspective as a Teacher and Administrator at the school since 1985, noting how previous projects – our construction at the current school site and our outdoor Playscape– were built to serve future children and families. A child who gave his piggy bank money for the Forward Motion Campaign was a special “Guest of Honor.”

Beth Lindstrom addressed the guests on behalf of the Campaign Steering Committee:

“GCS is, by its very name, a community school…It is a statement that says our community believes in educating the whole child. Our community believes in instilling solid values in our children. Our community believes in the potential of our children. Our community believes that we should instill in our children a desire to define their own potential. And our community believes we have a responsibility to support and nurture our children in their efforts to reach that potential.

This school, this statement of what is important to us, needs to grow and evolve. We need to assure that it will continue to thrive and set the path for our kids, and their kids and grandkids, in a way that reflects our values.

To that end, I ask you to make a gift. Make a pledge. Make it for a period of time. And I ask you to make it meaningful. It might be a stretch. You might ask yourself if you can afford it. And to that I would reply, if you believe as I do in what this school stands for, you cannot afford not to.”

Here are a few moments captured during our celebration…