A Great Investment Tip: Investing in Children’s Futures!

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Soaring February 2017

Every great journey begins with a plan, a starting point and road map that leads to a destination successfully.  For our children, one of the most important journeys is their education.  That is why high quality Early Childhood Education (ECE) programs, like the ones offered at Groton Community School, play a critical role in launching children toward future successes.

You, our loyal supporters, know that your gift to GCS helps to ensure exceptional early learning experiences.   GCS offers a multi-faceted curriculum to foster growth in all developmental areas, and that develops future leaders. What you might not know is that according to a recent University of Chicago study, investing in quality ECE returns 13% to the community annually for each dollar invested – in fact, investing in preschool beats the stock market! (“How Investing In Preschool Beats The Stock Market, Hands Down,” nprED, 12/12/16) This research shows that quality preschool programs have been proven to positively affect the health, IQ, and future earnings for students, as well as lowering obesity rates and reducing crime in the community.

These long-term gains and huge dividends are impressive, but what excites us even more is that studies have shown that the very things that make GCS special, are the things that create these huge successes.  nprED writes, “Experts cite several key elements in ‘high-quality’ preschool: small class sizes, student-directed learning and lots of open-ended play.”  Without these, studies show the positive effects of preschool may be short-lived.  But with them – with these very elements that we offer every student, every day – the effects carry forward through elementary and secondary school and beyond. (“A Lesson For Preschools: When It’s Done Right, The Benefits Last,” nprED, 11/17/16)

We are thrilled to see that studies are now proving what investors like you have always known – preschool is the foundation for success in learning and life.   At GCS, we are grateful for the investment you have chosen to make in our children, and we are proud to offer programs that will pay these lasting dividends for our children and for our world.

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