Be Peaceful with Us!

GCS Families and Friends are invited!

Peace Pole Rededication Ceremony

Friday, October 18, 2019 at 11:15 AM and 1:15 PM

Join us for our 12th annual Peace Pole Rededication Ceremony as we reaffirm our commitment to teaching children about peace, kindness and caring.  We will gather at our GCS Peace Pole to share songs and words of peace together, to inspire a sense of belonging, compassion, friendship and community.

With this year’s “Still in the Neighborhood!” school-wide theme, we are exploring the values of Mister Rogers that still resonate today: recognizing the dignity and potential of all children, fostering human connections, and realizing that each of us can nourish children’s lives with positive interactions.  We want to foster peace and bucket filling in our school, community, and world each and every year!

Special thanks go to Bob Black and the Morris Family for relocating our Peace Pole and children’s Peace Rocks to 14 Main Street, and to Jessie Brothers for our new Peace Dove Sign!


Forward Motion Campaign
Forward Motion

While construction is underway, we have moved to a new, temporary home at 14 Main Street, Groton!

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