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31 Jan, 2020 | News from the DirectorClick to view this PDF

Director Kitelet January 31, 2020

Dear Families, With the end of January directly upon us, we are excited to celebrate the many small and big successes of your children.   Today was Parent/Teacher Conference Day at GCS, and this is a day that we all enjoy immensely as it gives a detailed glimpse into your child’s development mid-year, both in terms… Read More


20 Dec, 2019 | News from the DirectorClick to view this PDF

Director Kitelet December 20, 2019

December 20, 2019 Dear Families, Even though winter doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, the weather outside is surely telling us differently.  We are grateful to Lawrence Academy for keeping a watchful eye on us, especially during these cold and stormy days.  They have been monitoring and tweaking the heating system to keep us warm inside… Read More


26 Nov, 2019 | News from the DirectorClick to view this PDF

Director Kitelet November 29, 2019

November 2019 Dear Families, I write this Kitelet with an enormous amount of gratitude to all of our GCS staff, children, families, Board of Directors and Trustees. Each has contributed in their own special way to the success of both our Breakfast Food Drive and our 15th Annual Home Tour. As a school, we collected… Read More


04 Nov, 2019 | News for our CommunityClick to view this PDF

Soaring November 2019

Letter from our Leadership For more than thirty- five years now, I have looked forward to fall and the beginning of a new year here at Groton Community School. Reuniting with the children we haven’t seen all summer, seeing all of their tremendous growth, and welcoming our newest young friends and their families brings me… Read More


31 Oct, 2019 | News from the DirectorClick to view this PDF

Director Kitelet October 31, 2019

Dear GCS Families, As usual, the start of the school year has just flown by. We are feeling quite settled in our new space; growing, learning, and meeting new friends each day. With the help of some GCS supporters, we have been slowly putting the finishing touches on our new library space. We are excited… Read More


30 Sep, 2019 | News from the DirectorClick to view this PDF

Director's Kitelet September 2019

Dear Families, Greetings on this beautiful fall day at our new, temporary site at 14 Main Street.    Children and staff are feeling comfortable after a full month of school, but this would have never happened without an incredible amount of hard work and dedication by many.  The true meaning of COMMUNITY certainly came into play,… Read More

On Board

28 Sep, 2019 | News from the Board of DirectorsClick to view this PDF

On Board Fall 2019

On Board Newsletter, Fall 2019 We’ve had such a fun time greeting our families in our temporary home! We are so grateful to all those (staff, alumni, parents and students!) who were able to make our transition a smooth one. We continue to be impressed with the dedication of our parents to GCS – as… Read More