Campaign Steering Committee Lays Foundation for the Future

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Soaring 2016-02

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GCS Past and Future

Seventy years ago Adelaide (Torrey) Luca, one of the first teachers and directors of GCS, imagined a future for our community based on the fundamental values of teaching children kindness and caring for others, community awareness, and good citizenship. The Trustees of GCS know that the future of our community will be stronger and brighter if we continue to offer children a preeminent Early Childhood Education experience steeped in these fundamental values. To continue to make a true difference in the future of our community, the trustees have recruited a Campaign Steering Committee consisting of a group of teachers, parents, donors, alumni, Board members, and trustees. This group of loyal community members are working to lay the foundation for a fundraising effort that will help create an enhanced space where young children thrive and experience the kindness, caring, and good citizenship that we hold dear. We will look to you for your ideas, opinions, and support as we move forward so that we may reach our dreams for the community and continue on the mission that was so eloquently set by Adelaide (Torrey) Luca. At the end of the day, this is what the power of community is all about: friends, family, and supporters coming together to achieve a common goal.

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