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Director Kitelet December 23, 2021

Dear Families,   The wintry weather has begun to show its true colors during this last week of school before our holiday break.  The playground has been cold, and the children are anxiously awaiting the snow so they can sled, create snow pals, and relish in the white fluffy stuff!  The school is full of… Read More


30 Nov, 2021 | News from the Director Click to view this PDF

Director Kitelet 2021-11-30

Dear GCS Families, Have you heard? To the children’s delight, the Whizzy Dizzys have finally arrived! They have been on back order for many months, and thanks to a group of dedicated staff members and families, they were installed during our volunteer Fall Fix-Up Day earlier this month. And what is a Whizzy Dizzy you might ask? It is… Read More


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Soaring - Annual Report Fall 2021

ANNUAL REPORT 2020-2021 LETTER FROM OUR LEADERSHIP There is so much to look forward to as we eagerly begin our first full school year in our beautiful and spacious new building. The most important of these things is our welcoming of our children and families back to GCS! I know these past two years have… Read More


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Director Kitelet October 29, 2021

October 29, 2021 Dear Families, There certainly has been some tumultuous weather over the course of the past several days.    We are so grateful not to be one of those hard-hit communities that is still without power.  While our fun on the playground has been unpredictable with all of the rain, classes have found short… Read More

On Board

05 Oct, 2021 | News from the Board of Directors

On Board Newsletter, Fall 2021 A very warm welcome to our new and returning GCS families! As we start a new school year, it is hard not to look back at this past year and celebrate how far our school community has come. Our children, families, and staff have demonstrated remarkable resilience, patience, and flexibility as we… Read More


30 Sep, 2021 | News from the Director Click to view this PDF

Director Kitelet September 2021

September 2021 Dear GCS Families, Welcome to a new school year!  It is so exciting to have the school hallways full once again with the hustle and bustle of many little feet.  Artwork is beginning to fill up the walls, and while it is still not possible to have families throughout our school, we are grateful… Read More

On Board

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On Board Newsletter July 2021

On Board Newsletter, Summer 2021 It is hard to believe the 2020-2021 school year has come to a close. While we started this year not quite sure what to expect, we have certainly ended it with a deep sense of gratitude. Despite the unexpected challenges resulting from the pandemic, our Board of Directors adapted quickly, collaborated creatively,… Read More