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Thank you for your interest in joining our GCS Alumni Network!  Please pick and choose from the following fields to tell us all about YOU!

GCS Alumni Network

We want to celebrate this rich history and the memorable early childhood experiences of all our alumni throughout the years! Please consider joining our Groton Community School Alumni Network to share YOUR stories about GCS and to connect with classmates and families from long ago. We have some conversation starters on this form to pick and choose from... We want to hear all about YOU, both THEN and NOW!
  • Please tell us about yourself, your family, and where you are now!
  • When (what years?) and where (at which location?) did you attend Groton Community School? Please indicate the location and years you were a student! Our history includes the following locations: First Parish Church (September 1945 - 1978) Grotonwood (1978 - 1981 ) Prescott School (1981 - 1984) GCS at Boston Road (October 1984 through Present)
  • What are some favorite memories of Groton Community School?
  • Do you have any remembrances of GCS Teachers and Staff?
  • Do you have any photos or interesting artifacts to share with us?
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