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On Board Newsletter Spring 2022

On Board Newsletter, Spring 2022


Finally, a Spring that feels like the hope and promise of brighter days ahead is finally achievable! No doubt the pandemic has affected us all, in countless ways, and we are all ready for a season of normalcy. It has been quite a long road, and I think we parents have been thrown on a roller coaster we never imagined possible. As the GCS Board of Directors President, I strive to support all of you incredible caregivers. It has been so taxing to navigate the constant changes and I’m truly hopeful we can all feel relief in sight.

In this wave of uncertainty I feel all the more grateful for the beautiful sides of life, and GCS most certainly is a part of that. My children are so lucky to be a part of this school, as I know it will be a part of them forever! And just as they’ve made friends that will likely last for years to come, I too have built a community around people I met at GCS. Warmer weather means longer lingering outside the front door at drop-off, chatting and laughing with friends.

One of our most dear friends is notably missing, and I certainly want a chance to honor Cindi Lane-Hand and all that she has done for GCS. She served as our president for almost two years, until her family moved abroad to London earlier this year. Cindi is the most kind-hearted and bucket-filling human you can find! Her leadership, particularly in the darkest pandemic days, was nothing short of remarkable. We are so thankful for her generous donations of so much of herself, and she is very missed!

Please reach out if there is any way the Board of Directors can support you as a parent, or if you want to join us to support the incredible teachers and this school! We are here to help…we love what we do, and we do it because we love GCS.


Laura Cummings, President, GCS Board of Directors



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