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Making Connections and Caring

Sergeant Curran Huff

Jennie Fitzkee, Clint, Deirdre, and Lily Huff are framing Sergeant Curran Huff on screen

Making connections with different people and places, different ages and stages, is something we encourage and highly value at GCS!  We would like to share a recent story of connection and caring from the Aqua Room…

Curran Huff is an Army Sergeant stationed in Afghanistan.  His family has many connections with Groton Community School; brother Aidan and sister Lily were both Aqua Room and Camp Kaleidoscope alumni, and parents Clint and Deirdre have been school supporters for many years.

Learning about CurranWhen the Aqua Room children learned that Curran Huff was protecting
our country, they jumped at the chance to become his pen pal.  Curran jumped at the chance, too. Thus, began a year of making connections! We were delighted when his parents and sister, Lily, introduced Curran to the children with photos and a video all about him as a child and now as a grown-up. We learned about his life in Afghanistan, and found it on Google Maps.  We even had a chance to dress up in his Army clothing.  That was fun! Curran shared gifts with all of the children, and we couldn’t wait to write to him.

curran letter and drawings In a second visit, Clint read Curran’s favorite childhood book, Mr. Gumpy’s Outing to the children.  Of course, it is now one of our very favorite books. The Aqua Room children responded with a giant, decorated thank you letter, and a host of beautiful drawings.  Curran was thrilled.  Yet, the best was to come.

We baked up a storm to host bake sales at school, in order to raise money and walk to CVS to buy items for a care package for Curran.  Families also contributed baked goods, so the bake sale was a huge success with $200.97 raised.  Ringing the bell at the bake sale was so exciting.  Counting the money was one of our best math activities.

The children thought about it and made a list in advance of what we needed to buy for Curran:

Bake Salecandy
pencil and pen (rainbow)
note paper
Army guy book
snacks-Slim Jim

On our field trip to CVS, children picked out all the items on their list (except the drum), and there was still money left over.  That meant they could follow their hearts as well as their well-thought-out plan.  The mind and the heart, working in unison, can be magic.  So, children bought:

CVS shoppingNerf Football 
golden plastic eggs
Super Soaker
Paw Patrol mini basketball hoop and ball
crossword puzzle book

Back at school, we spread out all the items.  Children were overcome at what they had done.  Their faces told the story, and no words were needed.  Giving is fundamental to learning core values, and to helping children develop important emotional and social skills.  We are proud to give to Sergeant Curran Huff, and thank him for his service.  We can’t wait for the next letter and to write back, connecting with our pen pal across the world again.

Jennie Fitzkee, Aqua Room Teacher

items for Curran

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