Mathematicians in the Making!

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Director Kitelet March 2017

Supporting the Development of Young Mathematicians 

Our Curriculum Day this week was so wonderful.   It is always so incredibly valuable to gather together as an entire staff for collaboration and training, so we truly appreciate the time.  We are continuing our focus on our year-long theme of “It All Adds Up!” with emphasis on the Eureka Math Program in the Kindergarten Class, and enhancing math activities throughout all of our classrooms.   During Curriculum Day we focused on “Team Challenges” regarding a variety of early math topics, and shared in-depth concepts and fun math games with each other from the Games for Young Mathematicians program of research in early mathematics at the Education Development Center (EDC), which is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Heising-Simons Foundation. We also had time for team building as a staff, planning and goal setting, as well as lunch together to share our progress of our Forward Motion Project. Architectural plans are being finalized, town permitting is almost complete, and fundraising is in high gear.

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