Toddler Twos

An Introduction to School Experiences

Tuesday/Thursday Mornings

(For children age 2 years through 2 years and 8 months in the fall)

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to programming changes, our Toddler Twos Program is currently on hold.


children at circle time

Children in the Toddler Twos Program are 2 years old through 2 years and 8 months when they begin in September. Two teachers work together in this introductory class with a maximum of nine children. Specific goals for the Toddler Twos Program are to provide hands-on experiences to foster exploration, creativity, self-esteem, physical skills, positive peer interactions, and warm relationships with staff. For many children, this is their first experience separating from their primary caregivers.  Teachers work together with families to build trust and help children ease into a school routine.

child smiling

When children are 2 years 9 months and older, they are eligible for the Extended Day Program to lengthen their time at school before or after class.

What Our Families Say:

“Our son has truly blossomed in the Toddler Program!  He has learned many invaluable social communication skills during his time at school.  The fun, creative, hands-on activities are excellent for developing the children’s understanding of concepts and their language expression.  We couldn’t have been happier with this first time school experience for our son!”


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