Spring Is Finally Here!

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Linda Kitelet March 2019

Dear Families,

Spring is here… finally!  We are all grateful to have packed away the winter clothing for another year.  It is amazing how much space the hallway now has without the endless sea of boots, snow gear, and excess bags for transporting the many needed items.  Our playground structures and swings are now open and are welcoming young children once again as the ground has thawed.  The portable grow light is making its way down the hall, as classes are preparing seeds that will eventually be housed in our greenhouse until the outside gardens on are ready to accept them.  We love hearing the birds, smelling the flowers that are beginning to peak through the ground, and watching the grass turn just a little bit greener each day.  However, winter surely has left its mark on our playground.  Please save the date of Saturday, May 4th for our Spring Spruce-Up.   We could use some extra helping hands to welcome spring and spruce up our amazing play space.  No talent or special skill needed – just a willingness to lend us a little of your time.  See the front hall sign-up or click on our online sign-up.


An exciting event that we celebrate each year here at Groton Community School is the Week of the Young Child.  This week is a nationally recognized week that is designed to focus attention and awareness on CHILDREN, their needs, and all of those that help to care and nurture them.  There are many wonderful and exciting events planned later this month.  Specifically, we will be filling many buckets!  One special way will be by making “Creativity Kits” to share with a group of children that could all benefit from some extra kindness and care.  We have found a very special second grade class at the Rice Square Elementary School in Worcester to be the recipients of our kindness.  We all know how important the early years are for young children, and this class could really use some extra help in developing their creativity, growing their literacy skills, and strengthening their fine motor development with kits to take home.  Each class at GCS will be contributing a different component to share in our efforts.  Please see your child’s classroom communication to learn how you can help your child to participate.  Visit our “GCS Happenings” on our website about the WOYC for more on our exciting adventures later this month, including our children’s concerts with Cheryl Melody on Wednesday, April 10th.  All GCS Families are welcome to attend!


In the Imagimotion Kidz classes, AKA “Patty Barr”, we have had a wonderful fun-filled year as we have moved our bodies to a variety of themes with activities to help our bodies become stronger, more flexible, and more coordinated.

This past month we have used our imaginations with our “Teddy Bear” lesson as we danced and had a picnic using our beanbag teddy bears.  The children also enjoyed the “Bear Hunt” with rhythm instruments for the different parts of the hunt.  The children were really focused and listened carefully as we each used three instruments in five different ways.

With the warm weather and the beginning of spring, we have been thinking about spring rituals, like getting out our bicycles to ride.  We have been practicing indoor bicycling with our legs while in a reclining position with elbows propping up our shoulders and head.   This is a great activity to work on improving core strength.  We talked about the robins returning and hearing their song, which is another sign of spring.  Next came the ritual of washing the car after the long winter.  The car wash is an all-time favorite activity of the children as some line up to be the car washers, while others are driving their cars through the car wash.  Of course, everyone gets a turn to be a car washer as well as a car.

Parachute play is an activity loved by all of the children. Shaking foam balls on the parachute like popcorn makes us all a little crazy, as the balls continue to bounce higher the harder we shake them.  Then on to the games we play, going under and on top of the parachute, as others make bubbles or hold up the parachute.  It takes a lot of upper body and arm strength to shake and move the parachute.

This year I have introduced more moments of mindfulness activities.  It is amazing how these simple activities can help the children become more focused and calmer.  Snake breath is a simple activity where the children lie on their belly on the floor, hands under their shoulders, and push their arms up (into cobra pose) as they take a breath and blow it out making a snake noise as the snake slithers down to the floor.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to spend time with your children.


While we are still finalizing some final placements for next fall, we have begun summer camp registration.  All families should have received Camp Kaleidoscope information.  Priorities go out to inhouse families through the beginning of next week.  Please let us know if you have any questions.


We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Omar Conner, Rachel Mead, and the Groton Police Department for their generous donation of a car seat and two booster seats for GCS families to borrow in the event of an emergency.

We’d like to thank the following volunteers who provided refreshments for our Curriculum Day at the beginning of the month:  Kathy Bellorado, Megan Black, Kara Dumont, Donna Haggerty, Mairead Orpen, Tori Thompson, and Selina Wilder.

Thanks, also, to the following families for their various contributions to the school:  The Edgar and Ferriola families for staff snacks; the Fredette family for children’s headphones; the Hillenberg family for spare clothing; Amber Lynde & friend, Madeline, for puzzles, paper, & other curriculum materials; the Narayan family for two iPad Minis; the Ramsay-Gudelot family for many books, curriculum materials & recyclables; Betsey Reeves for recyclables; and to Larry & Scott Winroth for wooden blocks to make “Groton Community” blocks for the classrooms.

Happy Spring!
Linda Kosinski, Director

Thursday & Friday, April 4th & 5th – Class Photos

Monday, April 8th- Board Meeting – 7 PM

Monday – Friday, April 8th – 12th – GCS Celebrates NAEYC Week of the Young Child

Wednesday, April 10th – Children’s Concerts with Cheryl Melody at 11:15 & 1:15 – all GCS Families are invited!

Monday – Friday, April 15th – 19th – Spring Recess – NO SCHOOL

Thursday & Friday, April 25th & 26th – GCS Spirit Days



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