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Time to Celebrate!

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Director Kitelet July 1, 2021

Dear GCS Families,

It is definitely a celebration to see such an amazing school year draw to a close.  Our staff, families, children, and boards have conquered so many obstacles; and together, we came out on top. From packing and moving (seems like forever ago), to daily check-ins and drop-offs at the front door, to communication mostly through Zoom – it has been quite an experience. We are all so grateful to all of our families for your understanding, patience, cooperation, and tremendous support. Thank you for sticking with us!!!  Of course, our greatest concern was always the health and safety of everyone… but we were also very focused on the experiences and development of your children in our care. During a year with such uncertainty and concern, it has been amazing to see the resiliency and growth of each child.  This will undoubtedly be a year that none of us will forget, but in the eyes of children, it was just another year of fun and learning when at GCS.   They proved to us once again that they are resilient with the right support and experience.

Celebrating Staff Longevity

Our congratulations go out to three very special staff members who celebrated big milestones in their time here at GCS. Congratulations to Bonnie Stanton (25 years at GCS), Debbie Penney (20 years at GCS), and Heidi May (4 year at GCS). Our staff is truly what makes GCS what it is!! We are so grateful to have an amazing group, and we couldn’t have had such a great year without these incredible ladies!!

Family Survey Results

We are grateful to those of you that were able to participate in our family survey several weeks ago. We value your feedback, and it plays such an important role in our evaluation process. We depend on your experiences and insight to continue to grow and be the best that we can be. Please see the attached summary. We will use time during the summer months and use your suggestions as we plan, evaluate, and grow.

GCS Family Survey Summary 2020-2021

GCS Camp

And speaking of summer – we are fully engaged in our summer camp fun as you read this Kitelet. The theme of Desert Dreams is being celebrated, the Big Super Slide is up and a very popular venue these days, as is the misting tent and other water activities. Children are embracing our camp songs, helping to care for our vegetable gardens, and are excited by some upcoming art lessons with our new and very talented GCS Camp Counselor, Monique Meehan. Life is good when you get to go to camp! We still have a few spaces left (please inquire about availability).

Sharing Our Space

We are also quite busy as we continue to fully move into our beautiful school. Our fingers are crossed that the children will be able to experience the new library when the new school year begins, and we are also holding on to the hope that families may be able to visit their child’s classroom at some point. While we will continue to monitor regulations through our licensing agency, Early Education and Care, to be as safe as we can, we can’t wait to share our beautiful new space with all of you.


We’d like to extend a special thanks to Peter and Andrea Myette and Great Road Farm & Garden in Littleton for the donation of wood fiber for under the swing set that was spread during our last Spring Spruce-up in May.

Thank you to the following families for their most generous donations to the school: Kathleen Barron for beautiful peonies, the Dewing family for spare clothing, transfer paper, and bird feeders, the Krywucki family for dress-up clothes for dramatic play, Cindy Smith for fiesta decorations, the Stelzer family for children’s instruments & games, and the Wiczynski family for crib sheets & games

Another special thank you to Mary & Ned Mitchell for their donation of two beautiful Peace Poles for our new building.

As always, please stop in or call with questions or concerns as we are here all summer. We are celebrating now and planning ahead.


Have a wonderful Summer!

Linda Kosinski, GCS Director


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