What’s For Supper?!

Marvelous Meals and More!

We’re excited to announce our upcoming fundraiser in collaboration with WECO Hospitality, happening from March 1st to March 31st.

WECO Hospitality offers a diverse range of chef-prepared meals delivered straight to your door, including dinners, appetizers, desserts, and kids’ meals. By participating in this fundraiser, you not only treat yourself to delicious cuisine but also contribute to the growth of our school.

During the fundraising period, WECO will generously donate 10% of every dinner bill to support Groton Community School. Your involvement will be instrumental in enriching our school community.

Spread the word, and thank you for your support!

To join in, simply visit https://wecohospitality.com, select your meals, and be sure to use the promo code “GrotonFundraiser” during checkout!